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Web design trends are changing as user expectations are high causing developments in the digital world. Some of these trends become out dated quickly and others will only improve by time

Web design trends are changing as user expectations are high causing developments in the digital world. Some of these trends become out dated quickly and others will only improve by time. Developers need to keep a watchful eye over design trends that gain momentum.

Users visit numerous websites every day which tells us that they’re constantly seeing innovative, well-designed platforms. With online businesses soaring, it’s is important to draw the users attention and get them to choose your platform over everybody else. The most successful way to do this is to build an innovative & creative web solution.

Dark mode, already a big trend, is set to become more popular in the coming years as it has a modern look like social media platform and it highlights and allows other design elements to be more prominent also it reduces the strain on the eye in low-light conditions.

One of the most prominent web design trends will be the use of bold colours and unusual colour combinations that perfectly harmonise with each other to catch users’ eye. Bright, saturated colours help your brand stand out from the minimalist designs of previous years.

To succeed in implementing this trend we should try new things. Glowing shades, intense colours, and unusual colour pairings will linger in the memory of website visitors.

Analysing user desires shows that they expect to see something new in web design. Therefore, today is the time to track new trends and use them on your site. What trends will bear an aesthetic character? What has to be changed to improve user experience? What trends will replace them? The main source of aesthetics is multimedia. A web page having interesting illustrations or photos are always rated higher.

Websites saturated with content have been loading much longer, especially on mobile devices. Google has made it clear that it cares about the user. One of the ranking criteria is the results of indexing sites on mobile devices.

This made adaptability more in demand than even a year ago. The problem with GIFs and PNG images is that they lose quality when resized. A way out of this situation is vector illustration. The user began to trust analytics and its results more and more and hence IT leaders strive to increase the role of informative design structures making them more focused on design that focuses on project data.

Search engines want the user to spend much time as possible on the site. For many years, websites have been built on a grid. This is a great approach which helps streamline the structure and focus on key elements. On the other hand, this reduces the uniqueness of the site which gave rise to an upcoming trend in asymmetric designing.

Asymmetry can change traditions and move to brutalism, individuality, shaky energy and just fun. However, even here, designers need to find balance. The goal is to make sure that no part of the page looks “heavier” than the rest. For example, the image should not be much larger than the text block.

You are probably wondering: “How to draw attention to key elements if they are not located on the grid?” It is important to remember here that regardless of the approach, the viewer's eyes are always fixed on the large elements. Thus, in asymmetric design, it’s enough to simply increase the size of the blocks you want to focus on.

One of the best ways to get the user's attention is to upload the video to the background of the main screen. Today, technology allows you to combine this approach with high page loading speed. This is especially true for mobile devices. The question however remains on how to use SVG-illustrations and at the same time ensure the volume of images?

The answer lies in the use of soft shadows and floating elements of images by making web design layered and more interesting and also increases the depth of design elements. This effect can be used for designing body text, headings, individual images and illustrations and active buttons. Overlapping or overlaying graphics with a photograph creates a special visual effect.

Artificial intelligence has penetrated into all spheres of our life, including marketing. When AI is implemented in the site, you can use significantly more data to meet user needs. It has the ability to create targeted and personalised pages focused on a specific context. They also help to collect information about readers, automate the selection of graphics, and conduct testing, place elements of attention in the most appropriate places.

Every day the user expects more and more personalisation at a subconscious level. AI is the best way to give a visitor to a webpage exactly what he is looking for.

Many expected 2020 to signalize changes. But in fact, it has become a year of analysis of new user requirements. We will see the results in 2021. Web designers will change most of the trends, making sites look completely different.

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