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Titanium is an open source framework for cross-platform development

Titanium is an open source framework for cross-platform development that facilitates
creation of mobile apps for different platforms for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile
platform from a single JavaScript code base. It includes an open source SDK with over 5,000
device and mobile operating system APIs, Studio, a powerful Eclipse-based IDE, Alloy, an MVC
framework and Cloud Services for a ready-to-use mobile backend. Titanium is developed by
Appcelerator, which in turn is part of Axway.
Rapidly build, test, package and publish mobile apps using only JavaScript and a single code
base help developers with web development skills to immediately build rich, native mobile
apps. You no longer need to manage multiple developer toolkits, languages and
Titanium does much more than just build apps that run on multiple platforms. Its true power
comes from how it helps you build best of breed, native apps that take full advantage of the
platforms on which they run. By this, we mean apps that:
  • Use hardware-specific features, such as the Android menu button
  • Use OS-specific controls, such as the Cocoa UI controls on iOS
  • Participate in the platform ecosystem, for example using platform-appropriate
  • notification mechanisms
    Your Titanium apps should do more than just run on iOS and Android. When running on an
    iOS device, your app should feel like an iOS app. Your Android app should feel like an Android
    Today the advanced software applications have transfigured the approach to do business in
    a much prominent way. With Appcelerator Titanium one can design on multiple platforms
    with a single interface, less time consumption, hassle-free that attracts booming business
    entrepreneurs towards the technology.
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